The Bar-B-Khoo Countdown Begins

Three days. That’s how long I have to go until I fire up my very first grill. And I’ve already managed to learn a lesson or two, despite the fact that the Weber has yet to set sail on its maiden voyage.

For example, I ended up spending a whole weekend learning a lot about propane gas tanks. Like the fact that 20lbs gas tanks are only filled with 15lbs of gas. This caused much confusion as I went on the hunt for the ever elusive 20lb tank.

To be exact, a trip to Lowes (where I bought and then returned a 15lb filled tank); then to Home Depot (where I bought a rather rusty-looking 15lb filled tank); then to Ace; then to Fred Meyer; then back to Home Depot to return the 15lb filled tank and pick up an empty 20lb tank (after Weber told me I could only use a 20lb tank with my grill); then to two different gas stations (none of which could purge my new tank for me before filling it for the first time); then back to Home Depot to return the unpurgable tank (cue the second embarassing encounter with customer service); then finally back to Lowes to buy the 15lb tank I bought originally (aka a 20lb tank, filled with 15lbs of gas). Only two words could sum up the weekend’s events: Fuck me.

Important Lessons Learned:

  • A 15lb filled propane gas tank is a standard 20lb propane gas tank in disguise
  • Trying to fill a new empty gas tank really isn’t worth the hassle
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