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Lost Mojo

April 20, 2010

With the exception of those infamous Flatulence Burgers, it would be fair to say that I’ve had a pretty good grilling streak lately, and my confidence in cooking up a delicious grilled meal has been increasing by the day.

Then I lost my mojo.

The past 3 grilling outings have been a bit of a disaster in one way or another. It all started with the honey-glazed pork chops on Sunday.

Now, not to brag but the pork chop, but I think it was cooked as good as a pork chop could be cooked. The problem here was that the glaze looked nothing like the rich, thick, sticky stuff in the picture. It was more like pissy orange water. Anyway, that’s what the recipe said so that’s what we went with. The pork chop was fine, but the poor excuse of a glaze made it pretty tasteless. Hence, I will not be sharing the duff recipe for this one.

Curse of the tasteless chops

That’s when things went from bad to worse. On Monday I cooked up one of my favourite recipes – Pork and Sage Kabobs. This is my third time cooking up this one so you’d think I would have no problem. Except these ended up coming out of the grill slightly under-cooked (despite being on there for 30 minutes). Unfortunately I have no picture of this epic nightmare outing. Just imagine lots of pink meatballs in the bin (trash can for the Americans).

Then tonight I cooked up another favourite recipe – Chicken Satay. This was also the third time out with this recipe. Ok, I kind of fluffed this one up a bit on the second outing but I learned from it and was ready. A picture speaks a thousand words… there’s nothing more I want to say about this.

Burnt devil-spawn chicken

So that’s when I realized that I lost my grilling mojo. If you find it, I desperately need it back. @TheSkivvy has not been best pleased. I have a feeling that if I don’t get my mojo back soon I will be banned from the grill and Bar-B-Khoo will be no more.